Pembroke Dock Visits 2007 (Port of Pembroke)  (seen from the web teams window)
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Ships built in Pembroke Dock to 1875  

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Pembroke Dock with Ferry Jetty, Gun Tower and Front Street

Stramat....Barge with crane returns to POP1 today 26th March 2007 at 1303hrs BST. In the back ground at its berth is the Cruse Ferry Inishmore The Tower Museum shown in quite a few of our shots opens to the public from 1st April 2007 for the can get great shots from the roof of the Tower...give it a visit

Starmat Pembroke Dock 26th March 1302hrs  Starmat Pembroke Dock 26th March 1302hrs  Starmat Pembroke Dock 26th March 1302hrs

The Anglegarth and sister ship Millgarth........two tugs in tandem.....waiting for the ferry to leave 20th March 2007 outside the projects famous window, Front Street Pembroke Dock 20th March 2007

Two's company 20th March 2007 Pembroke Dock

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Whitsea....(on the left) .message from one of our avid readers with thanks, but I don't think it was her, so here is the Whitsea and the mystery ship...have fun and again thanks for the info...The port Authority list the arrival of Whitdawn as the 27th March 2007

Whitsea  Sept 5 2006 from east end car park    Port Traffic Jan 30th 2007 Pembroke Dock


Tut Tut - photos of the Whitsea returning to her regular berth at No 2 Berth. Soon to depart Pembroke dock for lay-up in Birkenhead - 35 years old and coming to an end of her working life due to the double hull regulations coming in to force. To be replaced by the 'Whitdawn' soon to arrive in Pembroke from dry-dock in Liverpool.

Jack Up "Lynne" with  M. T. S Valor...placing Lynn at the offshore jetty, the old railway jetty around 1330hrs 20th March 2007...what for we are yet to find out ...maybe the removal of the jetty...we will keep you informed....21.03.07 no just parked for the night now back at work at the LNG site

Barge at Old Railway Jetty March 2007 Pembroke Dock   Barge at Old Railway Jetty March 2007 Pembroke Dock

More Cranes....February 2007 yep not much to show you all we are seeing are cranes and barges....but keep checking, we hear some Royal Navy visits are on the cards

Visits to Dock/More Cranes 2007

Working Port....over the past few months we have had various barges and cranes working in the Port...but this means not many other vessels to report....these pictures taken on the 2nd February 2007

Cranes Port of Pembroke Feb 2nd 2007   Cranes Port of Pembroke Feb 2nd 2007

Cranes Port of Pembroke Feb 2nd 2007   Cranes Port of Pembroke Feb 2nd 2007   Cranes Port of Pembroke Feb 2nd 2007


Rolling in ....on a bright January day...and whoops did not get her details, but it makes a change from the barges and cranes coming and going 24hrs a day

/Port Traffic Jan 30th 2007 Pembroke Dock  /Port Traffic Jan 30th 2007 Pembroke Dock

/Port Traffic Jan 30th 2007 Pembroke Dock

M/S Kronprins Harald......Irish Ferries acquires luxury vessel for Ireland - France service........ not our normal entry but it would seem from this news from Irish Ferries we will not see the Normandy here again.

 Kronprins Harald
‘Kronprins Harald’

Normandy at Pembroke Dock Jan 2006

Irish Ferries has purchased a newer, more luxurious Passenger/Ro-Ro cruise ferry which will replace their present vessel ‘Normandy’ on the Ireland - France routes. Currently operating under the name m/s ‘Kronprins Harald’, the vessel was bought from Norwegian ferry operator Color Line. The total cost will be €45million, including modifications and delivery.

Under an arrangement reached, the ship will remain in operation with Color Line on charter until the end of Summer 2007. Irish Ferries expects to take delivery of the vessel in October ‘07 after which some modifications will be made to adapt it for use in the company’s area of operation and prior to her entering service out of Rosslare before the end of the year, operating under a new name which is yet to be decided.

Built in Turku, Finland in 1987, it has operated on the Oslo - Kiel route facilitating the overnight cruise market with which it has built a strong reputation.

Built to very high standards and maintained in excellent condition, the vessel represents what Irish Ferries describe as ‘outstanding value’ in terms of the quality and range of on-board facilities. Marketing Director, Tony Kelly said, “Bigger, better and faster than the vessel it will replace, with greater car and freight capacity, more berths and a wider choice of stylish cabin accommodation, our latest acquisition will bring new standards of comfort and luxury to our long established Ireland – France service”

At 31,914 gross registered tonnes, the ‘Kronprins Harald’ is substantially larger than the ‘Normandy’. With sleeker lines and excellent sea keeping qualities, it will have a faster speed of 21.5 knots delivered by four more powerful engines.

With eleven decks, it will carry up to 1,458 passengers and 580 cars - an increase of 160 cars / 40%. Its extra vehicle lane metres (1,220 versus 645) will be reflected in significantly greater freight vehicle capacity ( 62 units versus 43 ). Other good news for car and freight drivers alike is the fact that cars will have their own deck separate from the freight deck.

Comfort-wise, the ‘Kronprins Harald’ has a larger number of berths (1,376 versus 1,126) and a vastly greater number of 4-berth family cabins ( 252 versus 83 ). Cabins are significantly more spacious and include deluxe five-star suites and some specially adapted for the disabled.

All cabins are situated on the upper decks high above the water line. Each will come with en suite shower and toilet facilities and most have their own television and bureau – comfort features that Irish Ferries believe will be a major advantage in marketing the service. Other facilities on the vessel include waiter and self-service restaurants, cafés, lounge bars, top deck open-air bar, night club, children’s play areas, conference suites and meeting rooms, cinema and shopping area.

With France still ranked as one of Europe’s top holiday destinations - and with the increasing cost, delays and inconvenience being experienced by air travellers - Irish Ferries is anticipating a swing back to motoring holidays which this vessel is geared to accommodate.

The M/S Kronprins Harald entered service on the Oslo-Kiel route in 1987. The M/S Kronprins Harald can carry up to 1432 passengers and 700 vehicles. The Kiel crossing takes 19 hours. The ship has a tonnage of 32,000 gross tonnes and is propelled by four engines generating almost 27,000 horsepower, giving a maximum speed of 21.5 knots.

 Kronprins Harald


Built: 1987
Weight: 31,914 gross tonnes
Length: 166.3 metres
Beam: 28.4 metres
Draught: 6.5 metres
Classification: Det Norske Veritas +1A 1 EO ICE-1B SC
Speed: 21.5 knots
Main engines: 4 with a total of 26,092 PS
Number of passengers: 1,432
Vehicles: 700
Lane meter: 1000
Max. height: 4,50 metres
Max. width: 7,00 metres
Max. axle load: 13,0 tonnes
Length overall 149.30m
Length between pp. 131.60m
Breadth moulded 29.50m
Depth mld to 3rd deck (main deck) 7.80m
Depth mld to 5th deck 13.40m
Depth mld to 7th deck 18.80m
Depth mld to 11th deck (upper deck) 24.30m
Draught max 6.12m
Deadweight 2,970 tons
Gross Tonnage 25,745 tons
Net Tonnage 11,685 tons
Trial speed 19.50m

Isle of Inishmore  returns from her refit 19th January 2007....and the Normandy waits to return to Ireland pm 18th January 2007


She's back from her refit pm 19th January 2007       /Normandys last visit of the season 18th January 2007 Pembroke Dock     

I will let you know if the paint job is better this time....the whole fleet have been serviced in Belfast by Harland and Wolfe

Into January 2007....its all hard work in the port...just a glimpse

/Woirking hard into 2007 Port of Pemnroke Dock   LNG Barges at work Pic by Brin

So for those of you who like to know who and what, here is the mooring list for today in POP 1, POP 2 and POP 3
 E 3505 
 E 3504 
 E 3503 
 NP 293 
 ROCK 7