Pembroke Dock Visits 2007 (Port of Pembroke)  (seen from the web teams window)
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 The Port of Pembroke (Dock) and the Oil and Gas Explorations (Dragon Field)

Ships built in Pembroke Dock to 1875  

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Pembroke Dock with Ferry Jetty, Gun Tower and Front Street

Whitdawn...edgeing in June 2007.......not much to report just the coming and goings from the LNG Project, cranes, barges and support ships.....but we keep trying Port of Pembroke (Dock) 22nd May 2007....could not get a picture so nicked this one, although it was taken in Milford Haven

Visits to Dock/Deepworke

When checking I found  it would seem to have had a prior incantation...................

Visits to Dock/kinterbury

Mersey Mammoth.......arrived here at............7th May 2007 to transport the structure that had been constructed on the dock side over the past few months, to its new home at Dragon LNG. The following show the progress as far as we could show it of this massive structures transfer
/Structure Movement  7th May 2007 Pembroke Dock   /Structure Movement 7th May 2007   /Structure Movement Tower 7th May 2007 

The Lift and delivery....all take from the windy and  cold top of the Gun Tower Museum.....  more soon plus we hope a movie




Shrine back in from LNG site for a little bit of TLC 25th April 2007

Shrine 25th April 2007 Pembroke Dock

Gefion Carrier..... 15th April 2007.......So this was what the big crane was for........more stuff for the LNG Project

Carrier 15th April 2007 Port of Pembroke (Dock) POP1    Carrier 15th April 2007 Port of Pembroke (Dock) POP1    Carrier 15th April 2007 Port of Pembroke (Dock) POP1

 Her load being reloaded onto barges 17th April 2007 Port of Pembroke (Dock) POP1

Whitdawn....1330 hrs 13th April 2007...this was the first time we have caught her since she took over form Whitsea

Whitdawn 1330hrs 13 April 2007       Whitdawn 1330hrs 13 April 2007

More Cranes ....13th April 2007....getting ready for the big lift?