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see also The Port of Pembroke (Dock) and the Oil and Gas Explorations (Dragon Field)

Ships built in Pembroke Dock to 1875  

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Pembroke Dock with Ferry Jetty, Gun Tower and Front Street

River Class      

HMS Montrose arrived quietly at 1745hrs. on 13th October 2006.........More soon we hope
HMS Montrose is a Type 23 Frigate; she was launched at Yarrow Shipbuilders Ltd in Glasgow on 31st July 1992 and was accepted formally in to the Royal Navy at a commissioning ceremony on 2 June 1994. She will be open to the public between 1300hrs and 1600hrs on Sunday 15th October 2006


Leaves at 1743hrs 15th October 2006...good sailing

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Seabourn Pride arrived in POP1 Port of Pembroke (Dock) around 0700hrs in the fog...with horn yes I was awake

/Seabourn Pride by Brin

Seabourn Pride Front Street Pembroke Dock 0900hrs 26 September 2006  Seabourn Pride Front Street Pembroke Dock 0900hrs 26 September 2006  Seabourn Pride from far end of Front Street Pembroke Dock 0900hrs 26 September 2006

Seabourn Pride Pembroke Dock from Western Way 0900hrs 26 September 2006  Seabourn Pride Pembroke Dock from Hobbs Point 0900hrs 26 September 2006

For more information on Seabourn Pride and her cruising click this link.....

Pembroke Dock Community Web Project see lead page

Whoops we seem to be non gratis on the Port of this know us we try....very hard, and to be nice but......
Bye Bye Oh How We Love to Help....Most People That Is

We have spoken , by accident to the powers that be at Milford Haven Port Authority and we have as all ways got support for the project, so lets see what happens.....enjoy the shipping that comes and goes......we will try to still keep you in the PICTURE

AJ an upset and sad volunteer

The Royal Dockyard Mooring Facility....picture take from the old radar the home of Cleddau FM

Royal Dock Yard Sept 2006    Royal Dock Yard Sept 2006    Pembroke Dock dockyard at night from radar station

Not strictly visiting ships but for the lovers of ships and waterways I thought it was appropriate...RMAS Salmaid in dock

GPS Atlas.......sitting in POP1 Pembroke Dock 19th September 2006

GPS Atlas Pembroke Dock 19th September 2006

The floating sheer leg vessel ‘GPS Atlas’ has been operating at South Hook LNG terminal jetty

HMS Penzance leaving Port of Pembroke 1230hrs 17th September 2006

HMS Penzance Sept 17 2006

One of the group in exercise including HMS Pembroke, HMS Enterprise, HMS Plymouth and HMS Brocklesby to name a few

RMAS again arrived just as the two mine hunters left 0920hrs 11th September 2006

We haven't featured her or her sister RMAS Salmoor for some time.....but what a lot of visits we have had this year

HMS Brocklesby leads HMS Pembroke....up the Cleddau to berth at Port of Pembroke (Dock) Carr Jetty long arm at 1410 hrs September 8th 2006




 HMS Pembroke returns after her official visit lat week with the Hunt Class Mine Countermeasures vessel HMS Brocklesby...after a successful exercise....we hope....welcome home......see HMS Pembroke freedom visit


Apache . Floating crane leaves Pembroke Dock 1120hrs 31st August busy here today

Apache POP 31 aug 2006   Apache POP 31 aug 2006

HMS Pembroke arrives at Carr Jetty 1115hrs 31st August 2006 for her official visit...see

HMS Pembroke first sight 31 Aug 2006  HMS Pembroke 4 31 Aug 2006

HMS Pembroke 4 31 Aug 2006

Wilfreedom  It all happens here...Williams Shipping doing some of the day to day jobs here in the Haven 1105 31st August 2006


Feed Star...arrives at Port of Pembroke (Dock) 1600hrs 28 August 2006

Just caught a glimpse of her as she entered