Pembroke Dock Visits 2008 (Port of Pembroke)  (seen from the web teams window)
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with thanks to Milford Haven Port Authority
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 The Port of Pembroke (Dock) and the Oil and Gas Explorations (Dragon Field)

Ships built in Pembroke Dock to 1922

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Passage Plan


Pembroke Dock with Ferry Jetty, Gun Tower and Front Street



Cruise Ship Minerva Pembroke Dock July 2nd 2011






More on Roberts Rambles


Sailing Away






“Svenja”, the World’s Largest Heavy Lift Vessel in Pembroke Dock Tuesday 15th March 2011.





And leaving 16th March 2011




One of our tugs testing fire equipment off Front Street Pembroke Dock February 2011





Jack-Up Barge 'Excalibur' Saturday 19th February 2011
Excalibur is the largest of Seacore's jack-up platforms, with a gross displacement of 4000T. Fitted with 17m square moonpool, 220 Tonnes crane and crew accommodation. Can work in water depths up to 40m.




Pictures from Robert Rambles

Jumbo  plus small jack up and a night shot 19th January 2011




January 7th 2011 Work boat off to "work" off Front Street Pembroke Dock, over the top of a very wet "Skip"


5th January 2011, the Oscar Wilde replaces the Inishmore for a few weeks....must be refit time 14.42hrs Front Street Pembroke Dock