Pembroke Dock Visits 2008 (Port of Pembroke)  (seen from the web teams window)
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 The Port of Pembroke (Dock) and the Oil and Gas Explorations (Dragon Field)

Ships built in Pembroke Dock to 1922

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Passage Plan


Pembroke Dock with Ferry Jetty, Gun Tower and Front Street


Week Commencing 15th April Front street action




















6th April 2013

All the small skiffs out on the water from the return of our Cormorant....on his/her pole














6th April 2013........

All fixed





5th April 2013

The Inishmore seem to be a little "pain less" who saw that one coming








29th March 2013

And the day before.....all change new rig off Front Street









19th March 2013

Just off Front street a "jack up" is carrying out drilling not for shale....its just more research relating to the ongoing marina saga we believe











30th January 2013


0106hrs 30th January 2013 The Isle of Inishmore returns to Pembroke Dock after her refit in day light a great all over paint job








Its been a bit quit here but....................

30th August 2012

Minehunter HMS Ledbury is the oldest of the eight Hunt-class mine countermeasures vessels operated by the Royal Navy and based in Portsmouth. The ship was built by Vosper Thornycroft in Southampton and commissioned in June 1981 by its Sponsor Lady Elizabeth Berthan. MCM2 Crew 7 is the incumbent Crew.

She is here in Pembroke Dock......welcome








Wednesday 4th January 2011


Oscar Wilde returns to Pembroke Dock....must be refit season










OXL EMIR in Pembroke Dock (POP3)15th October 2011.....exports a pilot boat!






The Isle of Inishmore at full tilt, can't fight the start with Saturday 8th October 2011







Spirit of Adventure arrives at POP1 Pembroke Dock 2nd August 2011