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Pembroke Dock Town Council... Considers Martello Quays Plan

< >PEMBROKE DOCK TOWN COUNCIL. Released 1330hrs 16.03.07

Martello Quays Project


There was a special meeting of the Town Council yesterday evening 15th March 2007, to look at the plans for the new Martello Quays project. The Mayor, Councillor Sue Perkins, explained that at this stage members were being asked for their initial thoughts since there are to be a number of presentations by the developers over the next few months to interested groups such as the Town Council as well as a general Public Meeting.

In general members of the Council were in favour of the development but expressed concerns about the following issues:-

There was a perception that there may be overdevelopment in this case given that there will be 146 housing units and 304 apartments. A comment was made that the site was “smothered with housing”. It was suggested that the reasons why there were so much housing was because the scheme had to be viable.

Concern was expressed at the lack of affordable housing for people already in the area.

Members were concerned that the facilities should enhance the town centre and there needed to be a planning gain if the proposals were to be accepted.

Members welcomed the fact that a Cinema was part of the scheme but wondered whether there was a need for a public house. Some concern was expressed about the fact the plans showed that there was the possibility of having a casino.

The height of the apartment blocks (5 storeys) was generally considered as being too high in that these would not blend in well with the landscape. The view of the development from the Neyland area of the quay wall and the houses / apartments appears to have an adverse impact taking into account the Montages produced by the developer. On the other hand Councillors were pleased to note that it would be possible to walk around the walled area.

Concern was expressed about the fact that those who currently had moorings off Front Street would not be guaranteed a new mooring once the development was complete as moorings were linked to the apartments / houses. There was a suggestion that existing mooring holders would be accommodated elsewhere for example at Warrior Way / Cosheston Pill.

Comment was made about the additional traffic along the main routes into / from the town during the construction period possibly up to 2900 per day. Given problems with surface water drainage in Front Street in the past members wished to be assured that there would be no problems if the development was to proceed. Comment was made about the need to have a robust and effective lock system which would allow regular exchange of water from / into the marina area.

The population of Pembroke Dock could increase by 900 people once the development was completed an increase of 10.6% over its current figure therefore there will be a major impact on the town which needs to be properly assessed.

These were some of the issues raised by Councillors and it is to be hoped that they will be resolved in some way over the next few months once a discussions with the developer and the County Council have been concluded.

16 March 2007
Any further information on the meeting can be obtained from Ian Jones,
Town Clerk, Pembroke Dock Town Council, Council Offices, Lewis Street,
Pembroke Dock, SA72 6DD. Tel :01646 684410

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