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23rd July 2007
0802 BST
My Great Grandfather, Edward Young, sold tickets for the ferry. In 1871 his address on the census was the Crown and Anchor, 17 Front St. Do you know when it closed and are there any photo's?
23rd July 2007
0750 BST
Just wondering if i could advertise an event on your web site. I am Chairperson for the Jumping Beans Voluntary Parents Association, Pembroke Dock and we are holding a Summer Spectacular, Saturday, September 8, 11-1pm at Jumping Beans Day Nursery.
The event will include face painting, Hook-a-Duck, Cake Stall, Bring and buy toy stalls and a snack stall, etc. All are welcome and any proceeds raised by the event will go towards items such as sports equipment for our children to use as jumping beans encourages a healthy lifestyle for our children.
We are a voluntary group set up by parents of children that attend the nursery and make no monies from these fundraising events.
Any advertising would be beneficial as i know that a large number of the parents view this website and advertising early makes a huge difference to turn out on the day.

Many thanks
Claire Ford

23rd July 2007
This part of the site had got lost in the Ether....but now revived...your comments etc will be found here....of on our Forum
26 September 2005
My grandfather Fielding was involved with the dock operations--& raised a family of 13 in Port Talbot during the late 1800's  & lost  6 sons in W W father Walter came to USA in 1923---unfortunately never got back home. I visited Port Talbot in the 1990's & enjoyed seeing the ole home & graveyard's. great website--congratulations. George fielding, Arizona /u s a.
19 June 2005
Vintage gravy With Thanks to Old Grumpy

I think I might be getting the hang of this politics business, at last.
The trick, I think, is to cultivate the ability to tell lies while speaking the truth.
For instance, on a recent visit to the doctor, I was asked how much I drank.
"My wife and I share a bottle of red wine most evenings." I replied, hoping he would be too polite to enquire too closely into the meaning of "share".
He was, and probably calculated: six glasses of wine in a bottle, divide by two, multiply by seven = 21 units per week, before writing: "drinks only in moderation" on my records.
Last Saturday, to celebrate our dominance over the Aussies, I splashed out on a rather more expensive bottle than usual.
It actually cost £4.49, but that was with £3.50 off, so, as the mathematicians among you will have worked out, its original cost was a penny short of eight quid.
This I can tell you is way, way outside my normal price range.
When I came in from the garden to have dinner, I found the bottle already open on the table and thought to myself "how thoughtful of Old Grumpette".
However, when I came to pour myself a glass, I noticed that the bottle was almost horizontal before anything came out.
On making enquiries, I discovered that we were having braised beef and the recipe called for two glasses of red wine and a couple of dozen shallots (from the garden, of course).
When we sat down to eat, Old Grumpette shoved her glass over to me and said: "Pour me a glass of wine."
"Help yourself to some more gravy", I replied.
05 June 2005
C Lewis
what happened to the mk1 Sunderland engine the subject of the wreck detectives program on sky t.v yesterday& are there any plans to raise the wreck? a very good web site. .
03 June 2005
19 May 2005
David Smith
hi i used to live in 18 bush street pembs dock next door to the Charlton, where i then moved to 9 bush street then back to Newport. I lived in pembs dock for 3 years and had some really great mates.  I'm trying to locate some friends Sush as Steve Ronald, Karen Goldsworthy, and Michael Goldsworthy, Steve used to own the Charlton, and Karen was his fiancée and Michael is karons son. I would like to get in touch so please email me on cheersmy names David, my father Royston smith is the one who is trying to locate them thanks .
08 April 2005
Nigel Rigden
I left PD in the late 70's, only moved to Haverfordwest. My father had a cafe and later he had a shop and taxi service in Meyrick St, his nickname was Smokey Joe. Great site to browse .
02 April 2005
Gerald Thomas (Jesse)
My wife Kay [nee Lewis of Tenby] emigrated to Australia in Nov. '69. We have had quite a few visitors from Tenby and two from the Dock Fred and Joan Brown, we hope they enjoyed their stay and that they will return. My best wishes to all my friends especially the ones that remember me. .
Frances A very interesting .
Western Australia
26 March 2005
Hi am related to the GIBBS family of Pembroke Dock in the 1600-1900's.John GIBBS married Sarah Mary CRABB in 1854 in Pembroke Dock. There are links to the names CRABB, STODDEN (Walter Stodden was publican at the Shipwrights Arms )HOWELL, HAYES and ROGERS. William GIBBS lived with his wife Emily until 1940's in Manorbier. Is there anyone with any information on my family please? I'm happy to share my research. Christine in Melbourne .
08 March 2005
if (nee) Jane Baldwin is on line I would just like to connect with you, .
02 March 2005
Jacqueline Fry
Hello. My grandfather, Sydney James Fry, was born in Pembroke Dock in 1917. He left in approximately 1936 to move to London, England. If anyone knows of any of his family or friends still living there, please let me know. Thanks a lot. Regards, Jacqueline Fry .
Orangeville, Ontario, Canada
17 February 2005
I am from the dock its great .
Pembroke Dock
11 February 2005
hi i used to live in bush street in Pembroke dock, i used to go to Pembroke Dock comp, since moving away i have lost contact with my mate Jamie Divali, if any one knows of Jamie please let me know at I would be very grateful .
11 February 2005
David Smith
hi i used to live in bush street in Pembroke Dock, next door to the Charlton pub, and after moving away i have lost contact with Steve rocket who owned the pub, Karen Goldsworthy and her son Michael, Karen was Steve's girlfriend at the time, so if any on has any info please email me at i would also like to say that Pembroke Dock is a lovely town and I will visit in the future .

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