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Press release from Pembroke Dock Town Council

Attached  the statement and e-mail form the Martello Quays Project team concerning the invitation to attend a Public Meeting. This statement was read out to the Town Council at its meeting held on Thursday last (28th June). As a result the Town Council has decided to hold a special meeting of the Council on Thursday 5th July 2007 when their observations on the planning application will be given. The Town Council will give their opinions based on the best available evidence they have i.e. the presentation made to the Town Council on 17th May, the public exhibition which members attended during the period 21 to 23 June and local opinions expressed to them over the period of time the application has been in the public domain.

If you require any further information please let me know.

Ian Jones, Town Clerk, Pembroke Dock Town Council, Council Offices,
Lewis Street, Pembroke Dock, SA72 6DD  Tel: 01646 684410

 I attach below part of an e mail from Keith Williams which I received with the statement.

Attachment 1

I was engaged in discussions yesterday with the County Council, Welsh Assembly Government, and the Port Authority to discuss our collective stance on a public meeting. The unanimous conclusion reached was that as a consequence of the attendance we received at the Public Exhibition and the analysis of the comments that were left, we see no need for a public meeting to be held. I have consequently attached a joint statement from the Martello Quays Limited and Client Group together with the analysis of the comments received during the three days of the Public Exhibition.

We would be grateful if you could present this statement to the Town Council and ask them to reconsider the need for a public meeting in view of the information enclosed. It is our decision however that if the Town Council feel it necessary to hold a public meeting neither the developer or members of the Client Group will attend.


Attachment 2

To Pembroke Dock Town Council

As you are aware we had requested that you delay any decision to call a public meeting until after we had reported to you the results of our Public Exhibition.

The Exhibition was held between the 21st to the 23rd June 2007 and was attended over the 3 days by some 850 to 900 people. Throughout, officers’ of the Client Group and the Developer were in attendance and had the opportunity to speak to the majority of those who attended. All were encouraged to leave their comments, and the analysis of the comments is attached for your information.

As a consequence of this analysis and the feedback we received through conversation, we have concluded that through the Public Exhibition process we have received a wide cross section of opinion with the vast majority unreservedly in favour of the scheme presented.

Where we have identified genuine concerns it is our attention to speak to individuals or groups to further explain our proposals, and hopefully in doing so alleviate the concerns expressed. This individual approach is a far better and more effective method of dealing with issues than by means of a public meeting, which by its very nature and relatively short timescale will be dominated by a few.

We appreciate that you may find this decision disappointing, but our interest is to engage in a democratic public consultation process which is informed, and considered and available to all. We would therefore expect those parties with concerns to have attended the public exhibition, taken the opportunity to speak with us, and record their comments which therefore will be reflected in the analysis we have given.

We believe the people attending the exhibition went away better informed and we hope those members of the Town Council who attended also found it beneficial. We believe that this is the most accurate way of assessing public opinion and concerns where there are any. We do not believe public meetings in general are necessarily representative or constructive.

On behalf of
Martello Quays Limited
The Client Group

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