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Wear Point Wind Farm Objectors
I attach a copy of our objection to this wind farm planning application which we believe will have a serious adverse affect on Pembroke Dock. We would be pleased  if you could put the objection, the letter to the town council, and the info. leaflet on the community web or give it some publicity.

Yours with thanks
Gareth Scourfield, Iona House Llanreath
Cynthia and Adrian Noyes 1 Orielton Terrace Llanreath
Yvonne and John Stearn Eldon Cottage, Orielton Terrace Llanreath
Diana and John Turbervill, Havencliffe  Orielton Terrace Llanreath

Planning Application (word)
Sample Letter for Town Councils, MPs, AMs, etc

Do you want to object to these massive 105 metre by 70 metre turbines that will have a severe visual impact on the Haven? The Planning application is due for consideration on 27 th November You need to send your objections by 2nd November to: -

Dr Steven Jones
Director of Development
Pembrokeshire County Council
County Hall
SA61 1TP
Or by email to: - or directly online Quoting the planning reference  09/0544/PA Wear Point Wind Farm

Sample objections could for example include the following: -
Copy your objections to your district Councillors, Assembly Members and Members of Parliament.


·         Put your address at the top of each letter

·         Write the objection in your own words.  Form letters carry little weight.

·         Each letter counts as one objection.  Write one letter per person; not one per family.  Urge family and friends to get involved.  Every contribution is important.

·         Make it clear in the first sentence that you object to the application

·         Consider the sample objections listed on the next page.  You don’t have to use them all, just select those that concern you most.

·         You can mention as many objections as you like.  If you have any other concerns, state them

·         Finish by reserving your right to make further points once you have studied all the issues



These are only guidelines – use your own words – make them count. 

·         To comply with existing JUDP Policies and the Welsh Assembly’s Tan 8 Guidance for such development the applicants are required to demonstrate that their proposals will not have significant impacts.

·         This they cannot do for the reasons set out in this objection

·         The number affected in a general sense will be substantial – 28,465.

·         The properties adversely affected directly is substantial – 1,416

·         Generating only somewhere in the region of 0.001 of UK electricity, it cannot be described as of overwhelming national interest.

·         It will, significantly and adversely affect 13 public and well used amenity spaces surveyed.

·         They are simply too large and high impact for this urban location.

·         They will have a seriously damaging visual impact on the Milford Haven Waterway.

·         Their height and location on the cliff edge rather than some distance inland is a major and new departure from the established impact of the refinery towers, all of which are set back from the coastline.

·         They will reduce the long term potential for better job creating, economic development of tourism and leisure development of the Haven. 

For these specific reasons, the proposal should be rejected as contrary to planning policy and guidance.

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