BMX Track opened by the Memorial Park Committee


After years of negotiations, planning and fundraising the Friends of Memorial Park Committee (FOMP)led by the  chair of the committee Councillor Sue Perkins and other committee members joined by Tom Moses and the bike riders pronounced the track officially open


This kind of track is sometimes called a 'pump-track', can be ridden on by BMXs or mountain bikes and is excellent for developing bike skills and confidence. 'Pumping' allows you to go round and round without pedalling by using your upper body and shifting your weight- with regular practice, eventually you will maintain enough momentum to begin thinking about leaving the ground. Using the track is also an amazing, fun whole-body work out. After 20 minutes you can feel the benefit, and the more you use it the better it gets.


Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Discovery Ranger Tom Moses coordinated the Go4It! project which aimed to get young people from Pembroke Dock more active outdoors. Go4It! worked to promote a Bike Track as a new feature of the Memorial Park by arranging a trip to Cardiff for the Friends of the Park committee to see other bike tracks, consulted with local young people to demonstrate the need for the track and linked the committee with potential track designers and constructors. At the launch event Tom gave his opinion 'I'm so pleased that the Park is now home to such a brilliant track- I don't know of a better one in West Wales! - It was a long process to get it built but the hard work of the Friends of the Park has clearly paid off'


When asked who the track was aimed at, Tom added 'Whilst here, I've seen male and female riders from about 6 to 20 years old enjoying themselves - lots from Pembroke Dock but also some from further afield. The track isn't just for kids though- I'm 37 and know of older people than me who have been using it regularly too! Its pretty safe too as long as you ride within your ability- I do recommend riding with a helmet and gloves just in case though. I hope that this will serve as an example to other communities that it is possible to provide people with positive activities without spending a fortune, and that this will continue to encourage healthy active lifestyles for many years to come. Well done Pembroke Dock!'