Planning Last Tuesday was a red letter day for the Friends of the Memorial Park Committee.


A committee was set up in 2006 to answer the need for facilities in the town park and has ever since been working towards the provision of activities for all ages.


The committee’s Chair, Cllr Sue Perkins said, “Getting the unanimous support of the planning committee for our bike track and skate park was fantastic - an important milestone in the history of the Memorial Park.


“The Park committee already has the funds for the bike track and we will be pressing on with the building work in the coming weeks.  The finance for the skate park will take a little longer and we look forward to working with others to raise the cash. Offers of help have already started coming in from young people, which is a sure sign they will support the Park now and when the skate park is done.


“I want to thank the members of the committee for their fantastic work over the past five years, with support from Pembroke Dock Town Council, Llanion Communities First, the Police and Pembrokeshire County Council.


“I would also like to thank the 700 plus people who signed our petition in favour of facilities in the Park.  We want to work with the community as a whole, but particularly with people who had concerns when the planning application went in.  We are very keen for a spokesperson from the area to come onto the committee.


“This is an exciting time.  It’s been a long time since our town had facilities like this for our young people.  Our next phase will be more facilities for little children, so we are catering for all ages.