38 Meyrick Street
Pembroke Dock
Telephone 01646 683805

Manager David Ward

Do You Need Advice?? . . . . . .

OR . . . . .

    Can You GIVE Advice??

If either of the above applies to you, then you need to get along to Meyrick Street in Pembroke Dock to the Citizens Advice Bureau.  You could be one of the 4000 or so people who approach the Bureau for impartial and confidential advice each year and find themselves pleasantly surprised by the professionalism and expertise offered by the paid staff and the twenty volunteer advisors.

 Or - very importantly - you may be amongst the handful of new people each year who start on the very rewarding and fascinating voluntary role as an advisor.  If you do feel able to join this vital group of volunteers then why not pop in to the Bureau which is open every weekday morning and have a chat with the manager (David) or one of the volunteer advisors to see what it entails.  There is a certain degree of commitment needed  and training is required in the systems used, but your weekly time commitment can be varied to suit yourself. There is a requirement to record your cases on a p.c., but as you will be reading this on the web, then you are probably already fairly IT skilled.  Don't worry if your skills are minimal as full training is always given.  This may be a voluntary post, but there is a great deal of [pride in the professionalism of the service and the quality of the advice.



The Basic funding for the Bureau comes from the County Council to cover advice provided on a wide range of information including employment law, benefits, housing and various consumer problems, but additional funding is obtained for a Health Advice Caseworker and a legal advice service caseworker who sees clients who are eligible for legal aid.  Recently the Bureau has been awarded the Community Legal service Quality Mark for Advice.

The Meyrick Street office is open Weekdays from 10 am to 2 pm and Wednesdays till 12 pm.

Outreach sessions are held at Tenby, Pembroke and Kilgetty and times for these can be found at the main office.

The bureau is currently negotiating a new premises (which looks like also being in Meyrick Street), where they will have more room and will also be able to satisfy the new disabled access regulations.

Apart from the day to day running by the paid staff, there is a Trustee Board which has overall control of the bureau.  This comprises County Council nominees, Town Council nominees from Pembroke and Pembroke Dock and various other volunteers.