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At the meeting of the Town Council held last night the Council further discussed the planning application in the light of representations they had received from interested bodies and individuals. They continue to believe that the initial observations they made to Pembrokeshire County Council on 28th March 2007 are valid, for example the heights of the apartment blocks (5 storeys) even though in response to this comment the developers, at the public exhibition, were stating that this was not out of keeping given the height of some of the buildings in the Dockyard. The Town Council assume that the height to which the developers refer is the height of the Dockyard Hangers. It is unfortunate that the developer has not prepared to answer all the questions which have been raised in the Town Council’s earlier observations, for example to enter into some form of dialogue as to how the current facilities offered by the town could be enhanced by this development. There was a belief that that there needed to be some tangible planning gain from the development for the town itself. They remained concerned that the proposal for a Market Hall would separate the new development from the current Town Centre shopping area. They were not convinced that the rejection of other possible sites within the town had been made for valid reasons. For example perhaps a partial regeneration of the town in the area between Lower Meyrick Street and Gordon Street including the St Govan’s Centre was a better option to show that the town was part of the whole scheme. At Page 102 of the Main Report which accompanies the Planning Application (Para 5.5.11) reference is made to “Maintain the area’s existing retail hierarchy, and consolidate the position of individual centres within that hierarchy”. The proposal from the Martello Quays Company does not properly address this ideal. The Town Council believe that there is a need to have a more sympathetic approach to the existing town and facilities so that the development blends in better. 

The Town Council would like to be part of any discussion the County Council may have with the developer under which any Section 106 Agreements are formulated under the Town and County Planning Act 1990. In particular they believe that a Section 106 agreement would be relevant in this case because:-

(a)    It is relevant to the Planning Application

(b)   It is necessary to make the proposed development acceptable in planning terms

(c)    It is directly related to the proposed development 

If the development were to go ahead there would be for example a loss of public open space / play areas (current play area), the current army tank presented to the town would require relocation elsewhere in the town, the band stand would be lost (? Could these be relocated elsewhere), there is a loss of environment e.g. mud flats for wildlife, impact on Martello Tower, views etc., there would be a loss of a long stay car park and although mention is made of a multi storey car park will this be a long term facility? The Town Council believe that the impact of the development should not be imposed on the community without the development itself contributing to improvements in facilities for the town which is the whole purpose of such a section 106 agreement. The ideas about a Cinema, Casino, Hotel and Market Hall have been not been put forward as items which are “gains” given that there has been no discussion with the town on any community and facility obligations.  

The Town Council therefore believe that they are unable at this stage to make a final decision on the application given the lack of dialogue on these issues. 

Any enquiries about this Press Release should be directed to the Town Clerk. 

Town Clerk,
Pembroke Dock Town Council,
Council Offices,
Lewis Street,
Pembroke Dock,
SA72 6NS
Tel: 01646 684410

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